Oil & Gas Services

We are among one of the top companies in the State of Sarawak in the field of construction, providing a full range of civil construction works including commercial, residential and industrial buildings for government, semi-government, and private sector projects in Sarawak as well as abroad.

Our Management Team includes engineers and community leaders with a unique mix of experience in unconventional drilling and completion technology, international exploration, negotiations, and community relations. Faltech’s Oil & Gas Team consists of a diverse group of industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and sophisticated oil and gas investors with a specific goal to demonstrate the value of the assets to our shareholders.

It was established in 2000 in Sarawak. The fully integrated management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and is accorded the highest classification in civil construction works by Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia.

Our capacity to deliver high-quality projects results from a combination of financial and equipment resources on one hand with high-quality managerial and technical personnel on the other. These have put Faltech Engineering Sdn. Bhd. at the top of the scale in terms of quality of output and professionalism of service.

Our Certification & Licenses


Topside Piping & Structural

Access Control System

Non-Explosion Proof

HV Switchgear

Major Fabrication

Telecom Leased Line

Onshore Pipeline Inspection & Repair

Drainage & Sewerage Construction & Maintenance


Living Quarters

Network Design, Configuration & Installation and Maintenance for ICT

Voice & Data

Communication and Facilities

LV Switchgear

Commissioning of Specialist Electrical, HVAC & Instrumentation System

Aircraft Warning Light and System

Other Foundation Works

Onshore Site Preparation

Building & Structure Construction

LPG Reticulation System

Minor Onshore Fabrication

General Structure/Building Painting

Property Building/Management

Road & Pavement Construction & Maintenance

Cathodic Protection Services